The conference will consist of 5 hands-on workshops and a number of parallel sessions of 3-6 presentations each. We are currently considering abstracts from the following general themes:

Theory of Complexity Science

Self-organization, nonlinear dynamics and chaos, mathematical and simulation modeling methodology

Network Science

Technological networks, spatial networks, infrastructure, ecology, social networks, Internet

Planning and Industry

Critical infrastructures, urban planning, mobility, transport, sustainability

Earth System Complexity

Climate change, ocean, atmosphere, ice and solid earth dynamics

Biological Complexity

Darwinian neurodynamics, systems biology, ecology, ecosystem services, medicine

Evolution and the Origin of Life

Evolutionary systems, origin of life theory, major evolutionary transitions, generative and developmental systems, artificial life

Artificial Intelligence

Swarm intelligence, embodied cognition, robotics, neuroscience

Social Systems

Linguistics, demography, psychology, health, past societies

Economics and Finance

Markets and stability, trade, public policy, game theory

Engineering and Physical Sciences

Quantum dynamics, statistical mechanics, optimisation, turbulence, computational chemistry, nanotechnology, energy