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  Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
08:30   Registration [Fulton FY] Registration [Fulton FY]  
09:00   Keynote: N. Gilbert   Checkout
09:30   [Jubilee LT] Presentations [Northfield desk]
10:00   Presentations Session 4  
10:30   Session 1    
11:00   Coffee + Posters A [Jubilee FY] Coffee + Posters C [Jubilee FY]  
11:20   Presentations Presentations  
12:00 Arrival Session 2 Session 5  
12:30 and registration     Fun day:
13:00 [Fulton FY] Lunch Lunch Visit to the
13:30   [Bramber house cafeteria] [Bramber house cafeteria] North Laine brewery
14:00 Workshops   Carrer panel discussion  
14:30 (1A, 1B, 1C) Presentatons [Jubilee LT]  
15:00   Session 3 Science panel discussion  
15:30 Coffee [Fulton FY]   [Jubilee LT]  
16:00   Coffee + Posters B [Jubilee FY] Coffee + Posters D [Jubilee FY]  
16:30 Workshops Keynote: H. J. Jensen Keynote: E. Szathmáry  
17:00 (2A, 2B) [Jubilee LT] [Jubilee LT]  
17:30   Posters, beer and wine    
18:00 Welcome [Jubilee FY] [Jubilee FY]    
18:30 Keynote: M. Newman      
19:00 [Jubilee LT]      
19:30 Wine + BBQ      
20:00 [Bramber house]   Conference dinner  
late     [The Grand Hotel]  

Workshops Session 1: Tuesday, 13:30 - 15:30

Complexity, Evolution and
the Origin Of Life

S. Stepney & S. Hickinbotham
Room: Fulton LTA
Finite Difference Modelling

M. Sonnewald & M. Wood
Room: Fulton seminar room 104
Software Project Planning & Management

L. Pitonakova & I. Bush
Room: Fulton LTB

Workshops Session 2: Tuesday, 16:00 - 18:00

The Power of Model Validation

M. Sonnewald & M. Wood
Room: Fulton LTA
Tools From a Productivity Toolbox

M. Albert
Room: Fulton seminar room 104

Presentations Session 1: Wednesday, 10:00 - 11:00

  Simulation Techniques
Jubilee LT | Abstracts
Language and Social Dynamics
Jubilee LT144 | Abstracts
Earth Systems Complexity 1
Fulton LTA | Abstracts
10:00 Simulation Techniques: The Finite Element Method
R. Carey
Why not to learn from each other - A new approach to investigate the evolution of social learning
M. Smolla
Resilience of the Amazon rainforest under human
B. Wuyts
10:20 Simulation Techniques: Markov-Chain Monte Carlo Methods
M. Spraggs
Measuring Success in Communication
M. McGovern
Investigating Cenozoic climate change and carbon cycle conundrums using simple numerical models and analysis
A. Armstrong McKay
10:40 Simulation Techniques: From Atoms to Planets: “Molecular” Dynamics as a Simulation Tool
C. Cave-Ayland
Vocabulary growth curves: from random to real books
F. Font-Clos
Homeostasis in random ecosystems
I. Weaver

Presentations Session 2: Wednesday, 11:20 - 13:00

  Spatial Networks
Jubilee LT | Abstracts
Society and Technology
Jubilee LT144 | Abstracts
Fulton LTA | Abstracts
Swarm Robotics
Fulton LTB | Abstracts
11:20 Planar Growth of Spatial Networks
G. Haslett
In search of a model of human dynamics analysis applied to social sciences
D. Martins
The swarm and the mosquito: emergent group properties arising from local acoustic interactions
A. Aldersley
Understanding the role of recruitment in collective robot foraging
L. Pitonakova
11:40 The impact of constrained rewiring on network structure and node dynamics
P. Rattana
Anatomy of Scientifc Evolution
J. Yun
Landscape-scale conservation: the role of space and time in the realisation of biodiversity benefits
N. Synes
Communication in a Swarm of Robots
R. Miletitch
12:00 The effects of social fallout on friendship circles
E. zu Erbach-Schoenberg
Understanding infrastructure, shared resources at all biological levels
R. Thanki
Citizen participation in ecological monitoring: the story of the New Forest cicada
D. Zilli
Enhance The Exogenous Fault Detection Approach by Analysing Transferable Data in Swarm Robotics
A. Khadidos
12:20 Soft Random Geometric Graphs: Obstructions and Non-Convexity
A. Giles
  Big Fish and Wiggly Lines: Using Hidden Markov Models to Describe Imperfect Time-series
J. Scutt Phillips
Hardware variation in mobile swarm robots
B. Shang
12:40 Null Models for Community Detection in Spatially-Embedded, Temporal Networks
M. Sarzynska

Presentations Session 3: Wednesday, 14:00 - 16:00

  Network Science Applications
Jubilee LT | Abstracts
Agent-based Modelling
Jubilee LT144 | Abstracts
Earth Systems Complexity 2
Fulton LTA | Abstracts
Evolution and the Origin of Life
Fulton LTB | Abstracts
14:00 Analysing the Structure of Human Language via Phonological Networks
M. Stella
ABM in Digital Humanities: the case study of the Movius Line
I. Romanowska
Predicting global ocean circulation from north-south pressure gradients
E. Butler
Learning General Models from Past Environments
K. Kouvaris
14:20 Multiple Time Scales and Hub Structure Observed in Spontaneously Evolved Neurons on High-density CMOS Electrode Array
E. Matsuda
Insights to past migration behaviour in the Maldives
L. Speelman
Western boundary current dynamics - are they really that simple?
E. Doddridge
The Evolution of Short-Term and Long-Term Evolvability in Gene-Regulation Networks
L. Kounios
14:40 Brain signal complexity correlates with conscious level
M. Schartner
The use of participatory approaches and agent-based modelling to explore the complexity of food security within rural Malawi
S. Dobbie
Ekman's demon: Ocean-atmosphere communication in climate models
M. Sonnewald
The relationship between the adaptation of individual species and whole ecosystem behaviour
D. Power
15:00 Community structure of a phone calls network
F. Botta
'But all my friends do it!' - evidence for a threshold model of social contagion
D. Sprague
Shallow-water gaseohydrothermal plume study after massive eruption at Panarea, Aeolian Islands, Italy
T. Tudino
Division of Labour games in relation to the Major Transitions in Evolution
S. Tudge
15:20 Exploring the vulnerability of spatially complex infrastructure networks
C. Robson
Deciding to disclose: pregnancy and alcohol misuse
J. Gray
The Wavey Spin-up of an Antarctic Subpolar Gyre
C. Rye
Changing the Game
A. Jackson
15:40 Modelling the formation and hierarchical network structures of covert illegal organisations assembled within law abiding social populations
D. Kerr
Gaussian Process Emulators for Bayesian Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis and Calibration of Agent Based Models
J. Hilton
  Pre-template Metabolic Replicators: Genotype-Phenotype Decoupling as a Route to Evolvability
W. Hurndall

Presentations Session 4: Thursday, 09:00 - 11:00

  Dynamics on Complex Networks
Jubilee LT | Abstracts
Economics & Finance
Jubilee LT144 | Abstracts
Darwinian Neurodynamics
Fulton LTA | Abstracts
Engineering and the Environment and Micromagnetics
Fulton LTB | Abstracts
09:00 Robustness and self-organization in complex networks
X. Lu
Universality in Firm Dynamics: Insights from Big Data
A. Tang
Introduction to Darwinian Neurodynamics
E. Szathmary
Stability of power networks under higher penetration of renewable energy sources
L. Roberts
09:20 Dynamical Systems Coupled in Heterogeneous Networks, Reduction and Synchronisation
M. Tanzi
An Agent-based Approach to Policy Making within the ICT System of Innovation
C. Hughes
Online Extreme Evolutionary Learning Machines
J. Auerbach
Exact coherent states in purely elastic parallel shear flows
T. Searle
09:40 [Title TBC]
E. Barter
Multiple Agent Fashion Game
Z. Kosowska-Stamirowska
Guiding Search with Neural Networks
S. Sigtia
Optimal Strategies for Electricity Storage
E. Webborn
10:00 Exploring Altruism in Social Networks
A. El-Bahrawy
An agent-based framework for analysing insolvency resolution mechanisms for banks
R. De Caux
Information transfer is not enough to preserve systematicity
E. Garcia-Casdemont
Micromagnetism and Skyrmions: The Complex Simulation Approach
M. Vousden
10:20   The Emergence of Money: Network Formation in Monetary Search
T. Moran
Symbol representation in the brain: past and current hypotheses
Y. Knight
Finite size effects and stability of skyrmionic textures in nanostructures
M. Beg
10:40       Good Vibrations: How to play the Magnetic Nano Flute
M. Albert

Presentations Session 5: Thursday, 11:20 - 13:00

  Structural Properties of Complex Networks
Jubilee LT | Abstracts
Planning & Industry
Jubilee LT144 | Abstracts
Modelling Human Diseases
Fulton LTA | Abstracts
Computational Chemistry
Fulton LTB | Abstracts
11:20 The useage of nestedness for the analysis of bipartite networks
S. Beckett
Steering “Real World” Complex Adaptive Systems: Developing bio-based economy in the Humber region
A. Penn
How to Eliminate Solutes from the Brain: The Role of Arterial Pulsations
A. Diem
Time correlation function formalism: the case of computational spectroscopy
V. Vitale
11:40 Random weighted networks with fixed strengths
F. Font-Clos
Exploring the Coevolution of Urban Form and Road Networks with Cellular Automata
O. Laslett
A Cellular Automaton Model of Atrial Fibrillation
K. Manani
Lipids - gel to liquid and back again, using meta dynamics to get a leg up in the free energy landscape
S. Wheeler
12:000 [Title TBC]
M. Ritchie
ODD protocol application to review simulation model literature on complex social-technical systems within the metal recovery
S. R. Mueller
Modeling HIV virulence evolution in the context of immune escape
C. van Dorp
Recasting a model atomistic glassformer as an effective system of icosahedra
R. Pinney
12:20 The Entropy of Conditional Markov Trajectories Application to mobility predictability
M. Kafsi
Large Scale Queuing Network Based Pedestrian Evacuation Modelling Using Volunteered Geographical Information
B. Kunwar
Variational Bayesian analysis of blood glucose time series
Y. Zhang
12:40   Integrated Infrastructure Modelling - Managing Interdependencies with a Generic Approach
B. Dirks